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The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Phoenix

February 21, 2018

This is The Nest Tiny House Vacation in Phoenix, Arizona. If I ever get to go to Phoenix, now I know where to stay! Read more →


076: Tiny House Side Hustle with Cassandra & Gilbert

September 3, 2018

This past August I flew out to Phoenix, Arizona to stay in my very first Tiny House. While there I had the opportunity to sit and talk with the owners, Cassandra and Gilbert. Together we discuss tiny house living, Airbnb and minimalism. Listen to the full podcast below. Read more →


booked: The Nest Tiny Home in Phoenix

July 26, 2018

From the moment I laid eyes on The Nest, I was love struck. While most certainly tiny in size, this charming abode leaves you with the biggest impression. Nestled in the backyard of the sweetest yellow bungalow in the Historic Coronado District in Central PHX,  Airbnb hosts, Cassie and Gilbert, know how to make you feel right at home. No detail was left unattended: We were welcomed with homemade banana bread, fresh flowers, and a binder filled with all the must-see’s and must-do’s of Phoenix. The interior is a minimalist’s dream come true. Thoughtful and functional, the design works beautifully in this 24′ home. Read more →

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11 of the Most Unique Airbnb Rentals in Arizona

October 27, 2018

Airbnb offers plenty of unconventional places to rent in Arizona for travelers looking beyond the status quo.

And when a basic home isn’t adventurous enough, there are plenty of funky living options to give you a unique and inside look at neighborhoods and areas that are uniquely Arizonan: the Coronado Historic District in Phoenix, Barrio Viejo in Tucson, the open prairies and hills hugging Flagstaff.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite unique Airbnb rentals in Arizona.

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Phoenix couple turn tiny house into Airbnb business

June 25, 2018 

Cassie and Gilbert Cardenas were looking for ways to make a little extra money. A few years ago they started with Airbnb.

"We loved the hospitality of it. When we did this in our spare room we met so many cool people," said Cassie Cardenas.

But when they had their first child, that spare room needed to become a nursery. So they began to look at other ways to still host people at their home.

"I did a lot of research into different types of houses we could put back here," said Gilbert Cardenas.

And that is where their love of tiny houses came into play. Read more →



March 06, 2018

This beautiful tiny house on wheels is a 24' x 8.5' tiny home ADU for rent in Phoenix, Arizona, built by the architectural design team at Wake | Floyd for owners Gilbert and Cassandra!

This tiny features an incredibly bright interior, thanks to its huge window on the side of the house and the plentiful others scattered throughout the home. Inside, you’ll find an open living room space with a couch, a larger L-shaped kitchen with a pullout drawer doubling as a dining area, a beautiful bathroom and laundry room, and a spacious loft bedroom! Read more →


The Nest is a modern tiny house that visitors can rent

February 23, 2018

Making the deliberate move into a smaller space such as a tiny house can be daunting. So it's no wonder that renting one to try it out first is a logical choice for many people -- hence, the abundance of tiny house rentals available out there. For the owners of these tiny houses, they can act as an additional source of income.

Located in the historic district of Coronado in Phoenix, Arizona is this modern gem of a tiny, built by architect duo Damon Wake and Hunter Floyd of Wake | Floyd. Nicknamed The Nest, it's a built version of their prototypical Mobile Cinder Box dwelling, created for the Cardenas family, who are now renting it out on AirBnb. Read more →


The Nest Tiny House in Phoenix

May 23, 2018

Try out tiny house living for yourself in the sleek and modern Nest. With its large window space and contemporary interior, its the Instagram-perfect getaway home! And at just 260-sq-ft, it shows that tiny living is possible without compromising style. Read more →


Stay in a 24’ Minimalist Tiny House in Phoenix

September 4, 2018

Traveling to Phoenix sometime soon? You will want to book a reservation at The Nest Phoenix, a beautiful minimalist tiny house measuring 24’ and located in the Colorado Historic District.

If this house looks familiar to you, it may be a coincidence. When I saw the Nest, I immediately thought of this Dutch tiny house that we featured a couple years ago. The two homes are very similar in terms of layout and design, especially in terms of the huge window which comprises about half of the front wall. The Nest however has a distinctly homier vibe with a more traditional feel to it, even with the contemporary layout of the architecture. Read more →

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24 Best Modern Tiny Homes

July 2, 2018

This tiny house called The Nest situated in Phoenix, Arizona is a short-term rental. It was designed and built by Wake | Floyd an architectural design firm known for creating environmentally responsible prefabricated structures. The beautiful flat-front cabinetry and the midcentury-inspired furnishings give the space a chic modernist vibe. We love how the ladder to the sleeping loft blends into the kitchen.  Read more →