The Trailer


Project update

Friends! I know it's been a while. It turns out that building a prototype tiny house also includes "prototype relationships" among the clients, the architects, the generous construction company, and several third-party suppliers that are all needed to bring this project to life. There were lots of details to iron out before we could get started. However, we are so exited to share that The Nest has officially begun construction. The custom-built trailer is finished! We'd like to give a big shout out to the guys at Rockland Trailers in Scottsdale who made it happen. Thanks guys! 

Trailer specs

  • 24' long

  • 8.5' wide

  • Heavy gauge steel construction

The steel trailer is super sturdy. It took a little longer than originally planned because a special heavy-duty axle had to be ordered in. Also, the original side rails were ultimately reinforced with heavier gauge steel rails to prevent flexing. Here are all the super exciting technical photos. (Click to zoom in.)

Next steps

Lumber is being delivered this week so the team can lay down the deck and put up some rough walls. Then, we can get a feel for the correct proportions, clearances, etc. We'll take some more measurements so we can finalize the custom cabinet and window designs to get those ordered as soon as possible. 

We're planning to visit it ourselves next week, so keep up to date on our Facebook page for more real-time videos, pics, and updates.  

Thanks for following along!