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Easy DIY Hanging Shelves

The space is so unique, and I'm not a designer, so how could I possibly do it justice? How could I commit to a large piece of art, let alone choose the right one?

But that's why these DIY Hanging Shelves are so great. You can change up their styling whenever and they only require a couple nail holes and a few dollars in materials. No buyer's remorse over spending a ton on something you don't actually like. And no worrying about making giant drywall anchor holes. They could also be really great for renters for the same reason! In fact, I made several holes when trying to find the best positioning but covered them up easily. Here's a little tutorial to get your own DIY on. 

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The First Look: 3D

At our last meeting, Hunter and Damon were ready to show us the first 3D renderings of the tiny house. One of the big decisions to make at this point is what is this thing going to look like? What shape will it be? How can we maximize the space all around, but still give it some personality?  

If maximizing space all around were the only goal, we would most likely end up with a really cool looking box.  We also considered a sloped roof from front to back.

But what if we could still incorporate the gable of a typical home and nod to the original Cinder Box dwelling? 


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The Mission

Last year, after moving into our first home in Central Phoenix, we decided to rent out our guest bedroom and bathroom on Airbnb. We had no idea how we would be inspired! What started out as a fairly simple way to make some extra income soon evolved into a tangible way to meet, serve, and love on people from all over the world. 

Alas, our circumstances have changed a bit, requiring us to re-think this little "business." We had a baby! This little girl has taken over the guest room as her own nursery, so we unfortunately are not be able to continue hosting in our home. However, we don't want to stop! 

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