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The Reality Check

This was a new term for me. Do you know what it means? Here's a definition I have come up with. 

value engineering [val-yoo en-juh-neer-ing]: noun. A method of thought that makes you realize you can't afford what you want. Seeexpensive taste; soul crusher. "We need to consider some options for value engineering because what you want is actually completely out of your budget; you need to be realistic."

Ok, maybe that was a little dramatic. But if I'm being honest, our most recent meeting kind of bummed me out. It was as if Hilary from Love it or List it just revealed our asbestos invasion and scrapped the plans for the en suite, kitchen island, and home office in one fell swoop.

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The Mission

Last year, after moving into our first home in Central Phoenix, we decided to rent out our guest bedroom and bathroom on Airbnb. We had no idea how we would be inspired! What started out as a fairly simple way to make some extra income soon evolved into a tangible way to meet, serve, and love on people from all over the world. 

Alas, our circumstances have changed a bit, requiring us to re-think this little "business." We had a baby! This little girl has taken over the guest room as her own nursery, so we unfortunately are not be able to continue hosting in our home. However, we don't want to stop! 

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