Fall Photo Contest Winners


While much of the country anticipates that first flower of spring, those of us in Phoenix live for FALL. Well, our version of Fall, that is. Fall to us means: we made it. We survived SUMMER.

Daytime temperatures drop below 90º, and overnight lows may even dip into the fifties. Neighbors we haven’t seen signs of in months begin lingering on their front porches again. Grilled dinners waft over the fences. We finally get to layer our tank tops with light scarves and wear jeans with our flip flops. We can use our ovens again so we roast autumn vegetables and sip soup and drink hot coffee. (Unless you’re a mom, and then it’s still just lukewarm.) And we can do all that while dining al fresco, for months to come. No jacket required. It’s just lovely.

Each season, we have updated the living room wall of the tiny house celebrating Arizonan characteristics. I’ve had so much fun trying out different ways to style a large blank space above a boldly colored turquoise sofa. Here’s a quick look back at our first two seasons.

Cactus watercolor painting by  Art by Autumn Rose .

Cactus watercolor painting by Art by Autumn Rose.



Hanging shelves - tutorial here

Fresh flowers and lavender cuttings paired with cacti and warm wood tones and jute twine brought the outside in, nodding to our prized indoor-outdoor accommodations.



Air plant display

Bright warm colors of coral and yellow reflected the Arizona sun and contrasted the teal couch. Drought tolerant plants provided much appreciated life and texture throughout the summer months.

airbnb 2.jpg


Arizona Sunset Photographs

This Fall, we invited Arizona landscape photographers to submit their Arizona sunset photographs for a chance to win a free stay at The Nest Tiny House and a spot on our new gallery wall. I was looking especially for warm oranges and yellows to contrast and balance out the turquoise sofa, but also wanted some blues to tie everything together. The entries were inspirational and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Here they are! Read on to learn more about each of our winners.

Tiny House Gallery Wall.jpg
fall photo contest.jpg

1st Place: John Lloyd

Succulents at Sunset- Sedona, AZ, 2018

johnlloydphoto.com Instagram

John lloyd.jpg

John Lloyd has relocated to Sedona, AZ from Boulder, CO answering the call of the desert. His stunning images have been published by numerous brands and publications including Patagonia and Backpacker Magazine. He is now pursuing his dream of teaching others the art of landscape photography through his private and small group workshops.

“Desert Light Workshops was created to share perspective and process with photographers interested in advancing the craft of their landscape photography. Wherever you are in your photography, John’s personalized approach meets you there so that you gain the most from your workshop experience.”

You can even download his free guide: 7 Essential Tips for Landscape Photography.

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Chris Minnick

Golden Night - Lake Pleasant, AZ, 2017


chris minnick.jpg

Chris Minnick’s first love is landscape photography, but boasts diverse skill sets in astrophotography, wildlife, sports, family photos, events, product photography, and specialized projects for marketing and advertising campaigns. He worked for over twenty years as a communications and marketing director, but now is a professional photographer.

“With each photo I make, I try to capture not just a simple glance, but rather the experience of taking in a scene over time. By exposing my photos for 30 seconds to upwards of 5 minutes, I am giving the photo motion and a sense that the landscape is alive. My favorite photos are those that sit right on the edge of something you could see with the naked eye, and somethings more surreal.”

Chris’s photos have been featured in advertising campaigns in Arizona and New Mexico, by Arizona Highways, local news broadcasts in Phoenix, and on ABC News with Diane Sawyer. His prints are often for sale at local art festivals and farmers markets, but stay tuned for the launch of his online print shop coming soon. Read more about Chris in the Voyage Phoenix feature.

Keith Dines

Firey Phoenix - Usery Mountain Park, AZ, 2018


keith dines.jpeg
“Photo taken during monsoon season where the desert gets graced with stormy skies and incredible sunsets.”

“Photo taken during monsoon season where the desert gets graced with stormy skies and incredible sunsets.”

Keith Dines is a respected leader and healthcare consultant in the community, father to a beautiful family, and also a very gifted landscape and nature photographer.

“In landscape photography the challenge of capturing the perfect light in that one fleeting moment or freezing a second in time of a bear or eagle in their environment for all to enjoy is a driving force. The leading message that I attempt to portray through my art is to have the viewer say to themselves while looking at the image – ‘I wish I had been there.’”

His prints have been featured in numerous galleries and are for sale on his website. Learn more about Keith’s art in the Voyage Phoenix feature.

Cassel Archinuk

Twilight Afterglow - Williams, AZ, 2018


cassel archinuk headshot.jpg
“Sometimes photos turn out like canvas paintings”

“Sometimes photos turn out like canvas paintings”

cassel book.jpg

Cassel Archinuk may have only delved into landscape photography five years ago, but her dedication to the craft clearly shines through. An avid outdoor enthusiast, she especially aims to prove that the desert isn’t boring, but rather vibrant, colorful, and beautiful. Photography and nature have been especially healing while she copes with some tough health issues. She recently came out with her own photography books called, “Scenic Arizona,” available for purchase through Cassel directly. (Will deliver in proximity or $4 shipping.)

  • Mini 8“ x 6” book - $23

  • Large 11” x 8.5” book - $35

“My goal as a photographer is to have the viewer feel like they could be standing right there in the photo. I pride myself on keeping things as natural as possible. What I saw is what you will see in my photos.”

Learn more about Cassel’s journey in the Voyage Phoenix feature.

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Thank you again to each of our winners and everyone who entered the contest. We are honored to lift up such hardworking and talented artists with the common goal of celebrating our state and community. If you have an idea for a future seasonal installation, please let us know! We are also always on the lookout for other small businesses to be featured and on display in The Nest Tiny House.

Your hosts,

Cassie and Gilbert

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