Easy DIY Hanging Shelves

The space is so unique, and I'm not a designer, so how could I possibly do it justice? How could I commit to a large piece of art, let alone choose the right one?

But that's why these DIY Hanging Shelves are so great. You can change up their styling whenever and they only require a couple nail holes and a few dollars in materials. No buyer's remorse over spending a ton on something you don't actually like. And no worrying about making giant drywall anchor holes. They could also be really great for renters for the same reason! In fact, I made several holes when trying to find the best positioning but covered them up easily. Here's a little tutorial to get your own DIY on. 

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Cooking Tiny: Parmesan-Fried Eggs over Kale-Tomato Spaghetti

This kale-tomato spaghetti is great for a Meatless Monday, or any time you need a quick week-night meal, especially if you forgot to thaw the chicken, like I often do!

Our tomato plants are going crazy, and my kale is just about done for the season, so this dish was the perfect way to incorporate both. The cherry tomatoes were literally bursting with flavor! And what's not to love about a fried egg on top?

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The Roof

A tiny house can be exponentially more complicated than a regular home as every 1/4 inch of space has to be triple-checked with multiple stake-holders. Take the roof, for example. The original 3D rendering doesn't show all the tricky seaming and edging that was actually required for this roof. In fact, MAK construction let us know this was the tiniest, most complicated roof they have ever put together!

We also just received some new updates today of more accomplishments this past week:

  1. The walls, ceiling, and underside of the trailer were all insulated with close cell foam. 
  2. AC line is in installed.
  3. Windows were delivered to shop and ready for install.
  4. Cabinets are complete at Fine Craft.


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The Walls

Here's the first glimpse at the basic framing with temporary braces. Notice how it goes all the way to the edge of the trailer and right over the wheel wells.  That way, we claim each inch of interior width. 

Looking inside, we can see how the floor will be raised to be flush with the wheels wells in the main kitchen and living area, rather than sitting between them.

3D Update

As a refresher, here are some updated 3D renderings of the finished product. These show some of the changes we discussed since the first look and value engineering (cost-reducing) posts. 


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The Trailer

Friends! I know it's been a while. It turns out that building a prototype tiny house also includes "prototype relationships" among the clients, the architects, the generous construction company, and several third-party suppliers that are all needed to bring this project to life. There were lots of details to iron out before we could get started. However, we are so exited to share that The Nest has officially begun construction. The custom-built trailer is finished! We'd like to give a big shout out to the guys at Rockland Trailers in Scottsdale who made it happen. Thanks guys! 

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